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I stumbled upon your toffee at Fido's last week, and purchased a bag just to "try"...
it was just simply the best toffee ever (next to mine! haha)...we purhcased as said, one bag, and on by the time we completed the drive home, it was GONE!  And we fought over the last piece!!

I was so thankful to find it, as up until a few years ago, I made my own every year for all family & friends for the holidays - everyone went crazy for it.  For whatever reason, a few years ago schedules were too busy, family health issues etc...by toffee making went by the way side, and I have never made a single batch since...and probably will not.  Now that I have found your wonderful company - I can once again, give the yummy gift to all family & friends.  They will still have the same lovely gift, just not made by my two hands!

Thank you  - my family & friends will be thrilled!!  You do not happen to sell by the case in this kiosks do you?  And keep up the good work!

— June

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