Our Story

Our Story

The Nashville Toffee Company story begins with family. Nashville native, Christina McCoy Cohn, grew up near her grandmother and great – grandmother. As a child, she would run between her house and theirs, which formed a triangle. Through summer breezes and oven - warmed winter kitchens, the grandmothers would share their tried and true recipes, their family stories and their love of cooking. From there the smell of cookies, candies, pies and holiday treats would fill the air, as well as Christina’s passion for baking.

Years later, Christina became a massage therapist and used many of the recipes found in her grandmothers’ cookbooks to prepare treats and home-made candies to give her clients when they arrived for appointments. These recipes were a treasured part of her childhood.

With husband George Cohn, the Nashville Toffee Company opened for business in 2003. As the great, great - grandson of Meier Werthan, an early businessman in 19th - century Nashville, George brought a unique corporate ingredient to their recipe for success. With fond memories of his own grandmother's hand made butter toffee, George asked Christina to focus on creating an almond toffee like the one he received from his Granny each year around the holidays. Once the recipe was perfected, George moved the home-spun operation out of the family kitchen into a commercial setting and began marketing and selling the products, and in so doing, transformed Christina's hobby into the successful candy making venture it quickly became and remains to this day.

At Nashville Toffee Company much is done the same way the couple's grandmothers did it. Everything is made by hand, in small batches, using only the finest, all natural ingredients. The recipes have been perfected over the years to create some of the best products on the market. Each recipe we make brings to you a commitment of freshness and quality, as well as a bit of grandmotherly love.